Giorgio Blanco 02 Music can be you're 'light in the dark' when you're feeling down.
With the right kind of music at the right time a deeper uplifting emotion can be achieved, which can be more powerful then a thousand words or even a precious photo.
The light in the dark
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My weekly broadcasts

One thing I love the most in life is listening to other people’s music and sharing it with friends.
Having a radio show and being able to play the music I like is a privilege I don’t take lightly.
Every week I’ll be broadcasting the “Sunday Treats” radio show, which will showcase the latest Trance and Progressive tracks released by the various big Record Labels.
I’ll also be broadcasting (deep) house “Intense Beats” shows on a irregular basis.
It’s you listening that will keep me growing, and it’s you subscribing which will allow the producers I play to get paid.
Let’s keep the great music blasting out your speakers!

You can follow me on my musical journey and listen to my broadcasts all over the world.
Come and tune in every Sunday for a new live broadcast!

Sunday Treats



Intense Beats

(Deep) House


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