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My weekly shows are made on a non profit base. I make them because the music is my passion, and I like to share my passion with you.
Curating new music each week, hosting the shows, website and all other expenses come at a cost.
That’s where I can very much use your support.
I would like to do these shows for a long time to come.
All donations are very much appreciated and invested in the growth of my personal career and an upgrade of my current DJ Gear to a decent Pioneer set.


New Webcam
Mixcloud PRO subscription
Pioneer DJ Set
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A donation can be made through the Donation Form down below. This supports bank transfer, IDEAL, PayPal, SOFORT Banking and ING Home'Pay

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While your keen ear and kind words are highly appreciated, please consider being a financial supporter to keep the show going well into the future!

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Creating a weekly radio show without commercials not only takes a lot of time, but also has a lot of hidden costs that come with a passion for streaming my favorite music.

Each week I try to curate the best and newest tracks released in that same week.
The music needs to be bought, services (like streaming services and webhosting) needs to be paid and not even spoken about the time and effort that was put in.
That’s why I can need you help to support me!

You are free to support me with a small donation.
Your donation comes for a good cause, since I’ll put it all back in the music and gear for the radio shows.

That are different ways to support me: via PayPal, via Patreon or via this Donation Form.
If you want to support me, you can check one of the donation choices here above and choose a predefined or custom amount that you want to donate.

I really appreciate your support and will definitely send you a personal thank you and shout-out in my radio show!